A Girl Named Leney


Practice Courage

practice courage.

just because it’s been sung before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sing it. 
just because it’s been written before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write it.
just because it’s been painted before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t paint it.

because maybe, just maybe, you singing, writing or painting it will be what needs to happen for that one person to hear, read or see it.
to finally actually all-the-way grasp that lesson, that revelation, that idea, that has been put out there before by so many others. 
but you, you putting it out there in the form of your story, your journey, your perspective, is maybe what they need to finally get it.

don’t let the fear and limitation of “it’s been done before” stop you from doing it.

the fact that you have a desire to do it in the first place means something.