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To The Water

go to the water
to the water
the water

it's fading. going out. taking the shoreline and tide with it. 
like my resolve and spirit and resilience. 
i need replenishing in the way the moon gives to the sea. 

and i couldn't get to the water.
not the kind that comes to the shore from the depths of the sea. 
but it started raining. 
so i went to the water that comes from the sea by a different way. and i sat out there. 
and it saturated my skin. 

i let it beat against me.
over and over over and over and over. 
but then i couldn't get to the water. not the kind that came from the sky. 

so i went to the kind that comes from the ground. 
i immersed myself in blue and white.
drawing a bath up and around the nape of my neck and collar bones. 

my knees like little islands in the sea i love so much. 
and i sat there. 
and it saturated my skin. 
i let it seep into me, and then crawl slowly down and around me as it left and returned to the ground.  

i had hoped that it would wash away the feelings i was having.
erase. erode. renew. 
it didn't. 

but it reminded me where i came from. 
it reminded me where i was going. 
so i took that and swam. 

to the water.

images shot on a go pro in Barcelona Spain summer 2015
words written fall of 2016

A Study In Color | Spain


With it's peaches and cream and sandy tones


Friendly strangers in the metro to help reorient our turned around selves

New Castle Boys bound for Valencia

Two hour train station waits

Waiting and waiting and waiting

Hot sticky summer nights

 Via Instagram

Travel Dates | Europe
My Happy Place via  Instagram

My Happy Place via Instagram

I'm super excited to announce that I will be hopping a plane to EUROPE in two weeks! 
This year has been a whirlwind of traveling and adventures and I've been loving every minute of i, to say the least. I actually can't really adequately express the excitement I have for this trip.
A post with some late night thoughts on that is probably coming soon...

But in keeping with the new travel dates announcements (if you don't know what those are you can read the explanation below), I wanted to let you know that if you live in Europe, or are traveling there at the same time as I am and would like to book a photo shoot, please contact me because I would so love to work with you! 

I will be starting in Ireland, but I will be in Europe from June 15th-July 1st!

Or, if you have suggestions of things to do and places to go, I'm all ears for that too.
Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email to talk about it!

So something that I'm going to be introducing here on the blog is Travel Dates posts! 
These posts will be little announcements of when I have travel dates set for places other than Richmond, VA and depending on my availability you can contact me and hire me for a photoshoot during my travels! 

Because while, yes, I totally can and will come to you for a session wherever you're located, if you see that I'm already going to be near you during a certain time it'd be more cost efficient to go ahead and book a shoot then while I'm already planning on being in your area!
Make sense? 
Plus, I've decided to, at least for the remainder of this year, offer my photo sessions booked during travel dates at a discounted rate!
What's not to love right?
There will actually be a section of the site specifically for Travel Dates, but I'm still working on that so until then you can check them out under the tag!

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