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Writings From A Would Be Beatnik

gif by Meagan Abell

gif by Meagan Abell

the definition of a beatnik is:

a usually young and artistic person who participated in a social movement of the 1950s and early 1960s which stressed artistic self-expression and the rejection of the mores of conventional society.

this is me. this is so me. 

identifying with the “beatnik” persona was brought about by something my Father said to me in the fall of 2015. i was voicing to him my timid and secret desire to write a book one day and he said something that has since become engrained in my thought process whenever i think about writing:

“you’re a good writer. [though] i don’t always understand your lack of grammar. i guess it’s the beatnik in you.”

and i loved that.

i kind of love that i don’t always make sense to people.

because i think it brings pause.
it invites a revisitation and a deeper delving into the ideas that i’m trying to convey.
it’s an invitation to re-read and question and wrestle with countering thoughts and ideas of your own. 

i think it’s actually why i’m drawn to writing in all lowercase too (with the exception of the proper names and titles of things).
because it’s against the grain.
it’s not the norm.
it’s also just how i write naturally sometimes, because when i get an idea or thought, it pours out of me so fast sometimes that i’m worried it’ll wash away and be forgotten if i can’t type it out fast enough.
in those times indeed, punctuation and grammar fall by the wayside.

of course there is something to be said about proper structure and grammar to effectively communicate your ideas. i'm not saying that we should all write in never-ending run on sentences from now on to get our points across (although i will definitely be the first admit: guilty).
but sometimes a little unconventionality is good to shake things up.

i write because i have ideas i want to challenge others with.
to press against the status quo, because who really is satisfied with it?
to share, do, inspire, cultivate and express life with and in one another.
because it's the human condition to do so.
because there is a wilderness inside of me. 

all of that being said...
the previously tagged Thoughts category on the journal has now been changed to:
Writings From A Would Be Beatnik

(those of you who follow my instagram will recognize this phrase... #writingsfromawouldbebeatnik)

because "thoughts" just doesn’t really encapsulate these forms of my writing.
all of my posts on my journal are ones in which i have thoughts… 

but there are times i tend to be a little more whimsical or romantic in the conveying of an idea. these tend to be my strands of more artistic writings and prose. sometimes in the form of poetry, sometimes in the strained vein of a repeated and re-hashed idea in an overtly spaced column that i am yearning to process and understand myself. 
but regardless, i wanted a better place to keep these collections of words.

so if you'd like to read past writings you can do so here.