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Photo Cred:   Meagan Abell

Photo Cred: Meagan Abell

Man am I on a high of creativity this week.
Especially writing wise. So many drafted blog posts, lists with random thoughts, notes on my phone with quotes, haphazardly saved documents with quickly typed sentences, and various musings written in notebooks of things I want to talk about with people. 
It's a forum of creativity I've really missed. I think I've discovered over these last few months that writing is more a part of me than I realized actually. While I have been keeping up with my usual journaling, instagraming and other small bits of sharing words, I didn’t quite realize how much I missed blogging until now.
I by no means claim to be a great writer. I've kind of talked about that before actually.
I know I’m not always very eloquent. In fact I still frequently ask my Mom about basic punctuation and grammar because I just can’t retain that stuff for some reason (although I have to say some of the most talented writers I’ve met have also been the worst spellers. Even with spell check. So maybe my lack of proper punctuation attributing to not being a good writer is to be disregarded). 
Additionally, I often write the way I talk, which can be bit incorrect more often than not, technically speaking.
But, regardless, I do love it.
Maybe it’s because words of affirmation is my love language. I don’t know. But I find so much inspiration and life in words. And so I can’t help but express myself in that way to some capacity a large portion of the time.
Whether it’s well written or not.

I think with this influx of creativity I've also been feeling a bit jumbled. I feel like there's so much I have to catch up on in the way of sharing with you guys. Writings, lists, photos, projects, news, plans, photos and more photos... I'm trying not to see it all as one big to do list and just enjoy the process though.
Because that's what it's all about anyway.
The journey. Not the destination. 
So yea. Those are just some thoughts I just wanted to tonight.
As you were.