Iphone Snaps

Folkling Update

some new pieces are coming to Folking over the weekend so be sure to check out the instagram for them! in the mean time, here are some iphone snaps of some favorites from this past month.

also be sure to get on the actual instagram app, not just the web version, and follow the folkling instagram stories! i post a lot of videos on there of pieces i haven't even posted on the grid, as well as extra details of posted pieces. most of the sales have been moving through that truth be told, so be sure to keep up with it!

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Farm Days | Beltayne Farm

Being able to visit Beltayne Farm was a result of a connection I made through someone seeing this Instagram post of mine and kindly recommending me to their friend Sunshine’s shearing day that she and her family were hosting. 

After exchanging some Facebook messages, and grabbing my friend Meagan to come along, I headed out on one rainy Spring day to see some sheep. 

We had the best time and instantly connected and loved Sunshine and her family who could not have been more generous or welcoming (sending us home with a dozen eggs from their chickens, as well as a promise of some wool upon our next visit).

The Summer has gotten away with me and kept me quite busy but I hope to return to this little homestead sometime soon to revisit the new friends I made there.

The day involved me holding my very first little lamb (named Pip… whose sibling is named Squeak) which obviously could not have made my day any more than it did.

I'm grateful for the generosity and kindness of strangers that’s extended and shared even before common interests and passions are established.

Hope you enjoy a few iPhone snaps from the day! 

iPhone Snaps | Fig Picking

It's no secret that I have quite a deep and over sentimental love for figs.
Seen here, here, here and here... 

Shortly after coming home from a long trip recently, I spent an hour or two of an afternoon fig picking, fig peeling and fig mashing for fig jam with two lovely ladies.
It was the perfect first thing to do after being on the road for a week.
A welcoming back.
A slowing down.
A this-is-home.

iPhone Snaps | A Slow Lived Saturday

I think I've decided that I want to post more iPhone snaps here on the blog.
1. I rarely take my camera with me throughout my day to day wanderings anymore, unless it's film (but considering the fact that I have 17 undeveloped rolls in a drawer here, the current chances of seeing those anytime soon/before the year 2026 is maybe a 0).

2. I take so so many photos with my iPhone. It's a hard-to-come-across day that I don't take at least some sort of photo with my phone to be honest. I exclusively use my Instagram for my iPhone snap sharing, but I so often have so many more photos from a time or event that I love and want to share but never get around to. I don't really utilize my Facebook in that way, or like the format of that type of sharing either. So that pretty much just leaves the journal here on the site.

The thousands and thousands of photos I have from my phone that never see the light of day and are just pushed from my phone, to dropbox, to my external hard drive, is truly tragic.
So hopefully this new idea will remedy some of that!

Without further ado, a few words on a lovely afternoon spent with a lovely friend of mine.


There is a certain kind of friend that is hard to come by in this fast-paced, screen-focused way of life these days. 

The come-on-over-the-doors-opened kind of friend.
The borrow-these-books-because-we-think-alike kind of friend.
The let's-eat-whatever's-in-the-fridge-because-whats-mine-is-yours kind of friend.
The let's-sit-around-and-do-nothing-together-and-just-be kind of friend.
The let's-eat-cake-for-dinner kind of friend.
The list-writing-travel-dreaming-song-writing kind of friend. 
This always denim clad soul is all of these kinds of friends in one and I feel pretty lucky to know her. 

We had such a perfect slow living sort of afternoon together, a theme of ours it seems whenever we spontaneously hang out, and I'm glad she's of such a similar mind because these are my favorite kind of afternoons.