A Girl Named Leney


Ode To September

you brought with you a grid full of revelations. dawnings. awakenings. 
realizations in the way of this-is-mes and i-belong-heres. 
i often feel as though you do this to me annually. 
you bring with you the promise of a new season. in weather and in spirit. 
a chance to start over. try again. begin once more.
you are forgiving of me in that way.
regardless, i won’t complain. because the habitualness of those promises is something i flourish in. 
i can look back on all of our years together and pin point importance after importance that you ushered me into, through and out of.
i wish you would stay a little bit longer. 
but that is not your nature. 
i suppose if it was you wouldn’t be all-the-way you.
and i don’t want that.
your unchangeable ways is what i love most about you.