A Girl Named Leney


Lists Take Two

Came across this post recently, and realized I'd been making similar ones again so I decided to share some. 
Because I can't stop making them. And they should at least be good enough for some sort of amusement other than my own.

Talents I Want To Acquire
Running more than 3 miles
Running 3 miles without feeling like I'm dying
(^I wrote that before I ran the 10k in March. So we can cross this off. Although, maybe not the feeling like I'm dying part. Still actually kinda working on that.)
Picking better things to add to my Netflix cue
Picking out good bath mats
Being able to tell someone it's going to be okay without discrediting their feelings or situation
Loving people more unconditionally 
Be able to pack more efficiently/completely in a carry on
The ability to cook chicken
Packing for a trip not 4 hours before I have to leave for it

Talents I Have Acquired
Being able to laugh at myself
Buying plane tickets for a good deal
Being somewhere once and being able to get back to it from memory
Sticking up for myself and not taking peoples shennanigans
Making really good fried eggs
Screen shotting maps and navigating accordingly
Liking Mushrooms
Being unaplogetically myself
The ability to consistently drink coffee black
Disregarding no trespassing signs.

Things I Wish I Liked But Don't Really Until I'm Actually Doing Them
Talking on the phone
Keeping up with my accounting
Listening to 

Weird Things I Do In Public/Things I Do That Are Maybe Not Really Socially Acceptable 
Grocery shopping with my head phones in and dancing in the produce section 
Lying in the grass in random places
Talk to myself
Wear overalls 
Walk around barefoot
Say mean things to cats
Ignore 98% of my Facebook friend requests
Dancing spontaneously when there's not music playing
Dancing spontaneously when there's music playing

Things I Kind of Don't Really Care About
Being able to taste the difference between a $4 bottle of wine and a $30 bottle of wine
Viral youtube videos
Spending more than 10 minutes on my hair
Nice cars 
Keeping up with the Kardashians 

Things I Want To Make More Time For
Playing ukulele
Learning french
Reading non online things
Watching 90s shows
Spontaneous coffee dates

*these lists are also subject to change