Goals: Sprints vs. Marathons

i am an extremely goal, list and dream oriented and motivated person (see the goals tag here on the journal for proof). i have stated that i am a process junkie, but i am also addicted to getting.shit.done.
i am the kind of person who will almost-always make their bed as soon as they get out of it, but if for some reason the whole day goes by without it being made, i will make it right before i get in it at night.
i am also the kind of person who will add three things on the “to do” list that i’ve already accomplished just so i can check them off, who will use every last drop of shampoo before buying a new bottle and who will absolutely under no circumstances leave the house with only one errand to complete.

i like efficiency, progress, organization and accomplishing tasks. i have a really hard time not feeling like i am getting things done because, well, i always have a list of things to get done. 
i also have a hard time not wrapping up my worth in what it is i do and separating that from who i am (but i digress). 

i recently got back from a two month road trip and needless to say i have been flooded with inspiration and ideas and motivation ever since. more on that another time, but the point that’s relative to this post is that i have had a lot of ideas since that trip. a lot of project concepts, goals and endless tasks i want to complete. 

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At Twenty Five

i felt as though my twenty fourth year was one filled with more growth than i've ever experienced.
i know i felt similarly about twenty three, though not necessarily so in regards to my earlier twenties. 
in comparison, having reached the first mark of the "mid twenties", i feel like I can truly say that this past year has been even more so immensely stretching and challenging in ways i wasn't aware were possible. i wrote about a lot of those things on here which, in past years, i would never even have come close to sharing or being vulnerable about.
however, i've learned the opposite of pride is vulnerability.
essentially saying: t h i s   i s   w h o   i   a m
which, in it's essence, is a lesson that ties together all of the others i've learned.
it's one i've become braver and louder about proclaiming.
in contemplating the things i'm bringing into twenty five, the list was very very long... but most of what came to mind was actually referenced in past blog posts. 
so, i decided to essentially sum up the majority of the biggest and most important posts from my thoughts category here on the blog and summarize my year's growth that way.
if you care to read more on the below thoughts, just click the links to read the original posts.

a t   t w e n t y   f i v e

the importance of small just-right things.

the importance of shopping small --- a topic that has taken root in my heart so deeply, especially this past year. please read this post if you read any. another related thought is to grow in what it looks like to not stand above reaching down to those less fortunate, but stand beside them hand in hand.

that voice will call you home when you realize no other will truly lead you there.

the art of slow living --- which has been such a huge aspect and shift in not only my business but my lifestyle day-to-day. i'm very excited for the related topics that i will be sharing more in line with this in the upcoming year. (also read my article that was published in this issue of somerset life magazine to learn more)


creativity is often in the presence of fear. and sometimes constraints bring about creativity.

to never forget who you are and where you came from.

really and truly in the most real way imaginable for the first time ever, how valuable home is. and that sometimes there's more than one. and how even in their familiarity, there are constantly new revelations about them.

there will always be hurt. but you were born with a light in you that no darkness can extinguish.


small resolves speak volumes.


what to do when you're overwhelmed and spreading yourself too thin.

books will always be one of the most important things to me. making time for reading should always remain a priority.

the extreme importance of solitude. another post i strongly encourage you to read if you read any at all....

you don't tell the ocean to behave. #dontbehave

how to just be.

identify who they are and why it is that the opinion of one is masked as that of many in our minds. 

what perfectionism truly is and the lies it tells us when we choose to listen to it. and that imperfections are not inadequacies

to practice courage.

a conscious practicing of awareness and appreciation is in order to not take that which is comfortable and familiar for granted. it's a kind of latitude. where you orient yourself in relation to your experiences and how you choose to let them affect you.


how to make it.


how to begin getting past a block.


some unfinished thoughts can often help complete others.

howl at the moon.


what acceptance looks like. and how i feel most beautiful in the morning.


i am uncomfortable with other women degrading their beauty in the wake of my own.

how valuable it is to find and hold onto the people who feel like us. and recognizing it. a kind of recognition.

oh, and also how to do a headstand.


At Twenty Four
At Twenty Three
At Twenty Two
At Twenty One

Lists Take Two

Came across this post recently, and realized I'd been making similar ones again so I decided to share some. 
Because I can't stop making them. And they should at least be good enough for some sort of amusement other than my own.

Talents I Want To Acquire
Running more than 3 miles
Running 3 miles without feeling like I'm dying
(^I wrote that before I ran the 10k in March. So we can cross this off. Although, maybe not the feeling like I'm dying part. Still actually kinda working on that.)
Picking better things to add to my Netflix cue
Picking out good bath mats
Being able to tell someone it's going to be okay without discrediting their feelings or situation
Loving people more unconditionally 
Be able to pack more efficiently/completely in a carry on
The ability to cook chicken
Packing for a trip not 4 hours before I have to leave for it

Talents I Have Acquired
Being able to laugh at myself
Buying plane tickets for a good deal
Being somewhere once and being able to get back to it from memory
Sticking up for myself and not taking peoples shennanigans
Making really good fried eggs
Screen shotting maps and navigating accordingly
Liking Mushrooms
Being unaplogetically myself
The ability to consistently drink coffee black
Disregarding no trespassing signs.

Things I Wish I Liked But Don't Really Until I'm Actually Doing Them
Talking on the phone
Keeping up with my accounting
Listening to 

Weird Things I Do In Public/Things I Do That Are Maybe Not Really Socially Acceptable 
Grocery shopping with my head phones in and dancing in the produce section 
Lying in the grass in random places
Talk to myself
Wear overalls 
Walk around barefoot
Say mean things to cats
Ignore 98% of my Facebook friend requests
Dancing spontaneously when there's not music playing
Dancing spontaneously when there's music playing

Things I Kind of Don't Really Care About
Being able to taste the difference between a $4 bottle of wine and a $30 bottle of wine
Viral youtube videos
Spending more than 10 minutes on my hair
Nice cars 
Keeping up with the Kardashians 

Things I Want To Make More Time For
Playing ukulele
Learning french
Reading non online things
Watching 90s shows
Spontaneous coffee dates

*these lists are also subject to change